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My Order tracking shows as Delivered, but I can’t find it

If the tracking information for your order shows that it was delivered, but you can’t find it, here are our suggested steps:

  1. Check carefully around your house to be sure that the package hasn’t been left at a different door. The tracking information will usually tell you the specific location where the package was left.
  2. Check with your neighbors, to see if your package might have been delivered to a neighboring house accidentally.
  3. Check with your postal carrier. They may remember the package or recall delivering it to a different location.
  4. Contact your local post office. When packages are scanned for delivery they generally are tagged with GPS locations of the scan. Your local post office can often help you track down the package.

I Need to Update the Address for my Order

If you need to update the address for your order, please see Editing Your Shipping Address.

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