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How do I change my default shipping (or billing) address

If you need to update the shipping or billing address for all future orders, you can do that through the My Account section, here: Edit Addresses.

Editing your default addresses does not update the address on past or active orders.

Can I update the address on an existing order?

If you need to update the address on an order that you have already placed, please send a support request through our website or call us at 970-541-2914.

If you have already received a shipping notification, you are welcome to call to see if our daily pickup has already occurred. We may be able to intercept your package and re-ship it to the updated address.

Special Note for Etsy and Amazon Customers

If you have ordered from us through Etsy or Amazon please note that we are unable to change the shipping address on your order. The order must be cancelled or updated through that platform and re-submitted with the correct shipping information.

What can I do if my package has shipped to the wrong address?

Once your package has left our office we are unable to change the shipping address, but you may be able to have the package intercepted by contacting the USPS or visiting this website: https://www.usps.com/manage/package-intercept.htm The USPS does charge a fee for the service, and additional postage to the correct destination.

What happens if my package was returned? Can you ship it again?

We are unable to offer refunds on packages that are returned to us, or shipped to an invalid address, except when due to an error on our part. If your package is returned to us we will contact you regarding the cost of re-shipment. If you decline to have the package re-shipped we are unable to offer refunds for the items shipped.

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