How to Make Your Own Linen Spray

Custom Label for Homemade Lavender Linen Spray

Why We Love Linen Spray

Homemade linen spray is an affordable and convenient way to freshen up your linens and clothing, as you can create a customized spray using simple ingredients you may already have at home. When paired with one of our customizable labels and a decorative bottle, it makes a great gift. 

Linen spray is a fragrant mist that can be sprayed onto fabric, including bed linens, towels, and clothing, to freshen and add a pleasant scent. Linen spray is a simple way to create a calming, inviting atmosphere in your home, as well as to freshen up your bedding and clothing between washings. Making your own linen spray allows you to customize the scent to your liking and avoid harsh chemicals found in some commercial products. Some benefits of using linen spray include:

  • Freshens and deodorizes: Linen spray can be used to remove unpleasant odors from fabrics, leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

  • Relaxing and calming: Many linen sprays are scented with essential oils known for their calming properties, such as lavender and chamomile, which can help promote relaxation and restful sleep.

  • Aromatherapy benefits: Depending on the essential oils used in the spray, linen spray can provide various aromatherapy benefits, such as boosting mood, improving focus, or reducing anxiety.

  • Easy to use: Linen spray is a simple and convenient way to freshen up your linens and clothing. Just a few sprays can go a long way in refreshing your fabrics.

Linen spray is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine while also promoting a sense of calm and relaxation in your home. Best of all, it’s so cheap and easy to make yourself that it’s faster than a trip to the store.

Jasmine linen spray is one of our favorites. The linen spray is shown here in a 16 oz blue Boston bottle, with jasmine labels from our vivid photo collection in 3×3 and printed on weatherproof gloss.

How To Use Your Homemade Linen Spray

Linen spray freshens up fabrics and adds a pleasant scent to your living space. Here are some of our favorite ways to use linen spray:

  1. Spray on bedding: Before going to bed, spritz your pillows and sheets lightly with linen spray for a relaxing, calming scent that can help you sleep better.

  2. Freshen up clothes: You can use linen spray to freshen up your clothes, especially if you’ve been traveling or if your clothes have been in storage. Simply spray the clothes lightly and let them air out for a few minutes before wearing them.

  3. Refresh furniture: Spraying linen spray on your couch, curtains, and other furniture can help eliminate stale or musty odors and leave a fresh, inviting scent in your living space.

  4. Scent your car: You can also use linen spray to freshen up your car’s interior. Simply spray a little on your car seats, floor mats, or headliner to create a pleasant, refreshing scent.

  5. Set the mood: Linen spray can also be used to set the mood for a special occasion or event. For example, you can spray it lightly around the room before a romantic dinner, or use it to create a relaxing atmosphere during a yoga or meditation session.

Remember to test on a small, inconspicuous area before spraying on a larger area to avoid any damage or discoloration since fabrics vary.

Lavender linen spray is a classic. The linen spray is shown here in a 16 oz blue Boston bottle, with lavender labels from our vivid photo collection in 3×3 and printed on weatherproof gloss.

Making Your Own Linen Spray

Making your own linen spray is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to freshen up your bedding and linens. Here is a basic recipe to make your own linen spray:


  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons vodka or witch hazel
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, or your preferred scent)


  1. Combine the distilled water and vodka or witch hazel in a spray bottle.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of essential oil to the spray bottle. You can use one type of essential oil or create a blend of your favorite scents.
  3. Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients.
  4. Spray the mixture onto your linens from a distance of 6-8 inches away. Avoid spraying too much, as you want to lightly mist your linens and avoid making them damp.
  5. Allow the spray to dry completely before using your linens.

Optional: If you want to create a stronger scent, you can add more drops of essential oil, but be careful not to use too much, as it may irritate your skin.

With this simple recipe, you can easily create your own customized linen spray that will leave your linens smelling fresh and clean.

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