Colorful Half Dozen Egg Cartons (Pack of 10) – Available in Single or Multicolor Packs

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Brightly colored half-dozen egg cartons for your fresh eggs and homemade gifts!


These colorful half dozen egg cartons will make your eggs or Easter gifts stand out with their bright and vibrant colors. We sell these six-egg cartons in sets of 10. Pair them with one of our custom label or stamp designs for a customized egg carton. These brightly colored cartons are available in several colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, pale blue and purple.

Single Color Packs

If you’d like 10 half-dozen cartons all in the same color, you can select one of the single color options (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). For single color egg carton packs, you will receive 10 half-dozen egg cartons in the color you select.

Multi-Color Egg Carton Packs

For the multicolor half dozen egg carton packs, you will receive 10 cartons selected from the available colors. You will receive at least one carton of each color in every multi-color pack, and two each of four colors. The carton colors will be randomly selected, we are not able to customize the colors provided in the multicolor packs. If you need specific quantities of certain colors, we recommend purchasing the egg carton colors you prefer in single color packs.

Half dozen egg cartons hold 6 chicken eggs, they do not typically fit duck eggs or other large eggs. These colorful half dozen cartons are perfect for selling or gifting small quantities of eggs. They are also very popular for packaging Easter gifts or party favors, and make cute and colorful packaging for mini cupcakes, bath bombs, and gifts.

Purchasing Custom Labels for your Cartons

These cartons work with our 3″x 3″ sized custom egg carton labels.

You can also find our selection of egg carton stamps here:

Make sure you get your cartons back with this cute rubber stamp:

These are individually formed cartons, if you’re looking for the “twin six” half dozen cartons that are joined in the center you can find those here:

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 3 in

Authentic Heirlooms


Mixed, Lime Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Charcoal

Production Time

3 Business Days

3 reviews for Colorful Half Dozen Egg Cartons (Pack of 10) – Available in Single or Multicolor Packs

  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    I bought 4 different colors and love how vibrant they are! Fast shipping and beautiful packaging as well.

  2. Diana Holzer (verified owner)

    *The product is a very good product.

    **Description is right on!

    ***Not only is it an very user friendly sight; but the customer service is personal, understanding and knowledgeable.

    ****Answers the phone with a human being. The owner in fact.

    *****Highly recommended.

  3. Rochelle Alpay (verified owner)

    Super cute! I got a few different colors and love them! They are great for my bantam chickens eggs as I often gift them out to friends and family. Great size, awesome quality! Can’t go wrong!

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