Reprint Terms and Conditions

Orders that Qualify for Reprint Pricing

We offer exact label reprints at a 10% discount from our standard pricing. The discount on label reprints applies only to the same size, shape, design and exact text that you previously ordered. The label material does not need to be the same, and the reprint discount still applies if you previously ordered from us through a different website, like Etsy or Amazon. Reprint orders will not be proofed again and will be reprinted exactly as previously ordered. When ordering reprints, please specify your previous order number. If you cannot find your previous order number, please provide the name of the person that placed the previous order and a description of the label you would like reprinted. Orders are sent directly to print, so changes submitted in the previous order number field will not be applied. 

Orders that Do Not Qualify for Reprint Pricing

If you need to order reprints of a previous order with changes, or in a different size or color, do not select the reprint option. This will add your order to our proofing system rather than sending it directly to print. If you need an edit to a previous order but need a change to text, like a year or batch number, feel free to reference the previous order number or design and just the changed text, there is no need to specify all of the details again if you don’t want to. Please do not select the reprint button even if the changes are minimal – we still need to proof your order with the changes and prepare the file for print. We offer a discount on reprints because proofing and preparing each design for print takes a significant amount of time, so when we can save on that we are happy to pass that savings on to you.

Policy for Incorrectly Submitted Orders

For orders that need to be resized or changed which are submitted as reprints, processing will be put on hold until we are able to prepare an invoice for the difference in price plus a fee of $2.50 to cover the additional transaction fees and time required to process an additional payment and manually adjust your order. We will issue store credit for your order (minus the $2.50 service/transaction fee) which we will apply to your new (non-reprint) order at the correct price. Once we receive your full payment we will proof, print and ship your order according to our standard processing times. We will not offer refunds in cases where orders are incorrectly submitted as reprints. If you have any questions about our reprint policy or the details of your previous order please contact us prior to ordering.