2020 Colorado Bees For Sale – Northern Colorado & Parker Overwintered Colonies


We have a small number of nucs available for the 2019 season. Our bees are overwintered in Colorado, with naturally-mated Colorado Queens. 2019 Nucs include 5 frames of bees, brood and honey. Pickup April-May 2019, depending on weather conditions this Spring. Pickup available in Loveland, CO.

You can follow their progress at Loveland Bees.

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Colorado Bees – Nucs available for 2020

Our Bees are overwintered in Colorado and are never transported out of state or sent out on contracts. We overwinter our colonies with an abundant supply of their own honey and split our colonies in the Spring, allowing the bees to raise their own Queens, who mate naturally with local drones. Since most commercial beekeepers earn their best revenue through pollination contracts, the bees sold through these operations are generally pulled off a monoculture, pesticide-heavy pollination contract, given a new artificially inseminated queen, and sent to Colorado for pickup. Unfortunately, these colonies often fail to survive the season, let alone the winter. We provide an alternative for Colorado beekeepers to purchase bees that have overwintered in Colorado, successfully mated, and are ready to thrive. All of our colonies originate from captured Colorado swarms, and we find them to be cold-hardy, docile and well-suited to Colorado. Nucs will be ready in April-May of 2020. Exact timing of nuc pickup depends on the weather conditions, and the natural timing of the bees. Since we sell only a small number of nucs we will contact you to arrange a time for pick-up or delivery (additional charges may apply). We have estimated the number of nucs available conservatively, however if we are unable to fulfill your order due to unforeseen circumstances we will provide a full refund.



Do you treat for varroa?

Yes. We use splits to control varroa in the Spring and treat for varroa with oxalic acid or formic acid in the fall.

What equipment do I need?

You should have a full hive setup and at least 2 deep boxes available for a nuc. Only one deep box is necessary when receiving your bees, but you will need 1-2 additional deep boxes with frames for the bees to expand into during the summer. We recommend using a screened bottom board year-round, and a slatted rack.

Can I buy equipment to go with my bees?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Can you deliver my bees and help me install them?

Yes, additional charges may apply. Please contact us for details.

What if I need to cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us.

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