Hatch Cam

Spring hatching is underway at Authentic Heirlooms! We’ll have the hatch cam live for multiple hatches, starting March 9.

Tune in here! (mobile viewers can also search the Ustream app for “HatchCam”)

Common Questions About Hatching

If you’ve never seen a chicken or duck hatch, you are in for an amazing experience. The chick begins the process by pecking a small hole in the shell (this is known as a pip). The chick won’t attempt to hatch for quite a while after this happens. The chick will absorb the remaining nutrients from the yolk, and gather its strength. Once it is ready to hatch it will begin “zipping” or, rather, unzipping its shell by pecking from the inside as it turns around in the shell. Finally the chick will push off the top of the shell. They’re exhausted! It takes them a while to dry off and recover from the ordeal of hatching, so don’t be alarmed if you see a chick flopping around. It’s normal as they gain their strength. It’s also normal for the other chicks to peck curiously at their newly-hatched friends. They are being curious, not aggressive!

From Our Customers

Wonderful company!

So happy I found Authentic Heirlooms on Instagram! I was so impressed with their designs and Instagram feed that I immediately thought of them when I decided I needed a stamp for my farm. The ordering process was easy and my stamp arrived quickly! The packaging was beautiful and came with a lovely, personal and handwritten note and a free lavender lip balm! I highly recommend this excellent business!

Julie Mann
Blue Bee Flower Farm

Adorable Chicken Stamps!

I just love my custom made chicken stamp of Rhoda, my Rhode Island Red hen made by the talented ladies at Authentic Heirlooms! In fact, I love it so much that as soon as I received it I ordered a barred rock stamp too, so my boss lady hen Raquel would be jealous that I didn’t have a stamp for her!

Stacy Benjamin

Exceptional Quality and Service!!!

What is there to say about Authentic Heirlooms that has not been addressed one way or another? I’d say there is still volumes to say…that words are not adequate enough to express not only their products but the customer service that they provide to each and every client! It goes without saying, the quality, beauty and customer service all contribute to the satisfaction of my transactions which has been appropriately posted in numerous comments prior to mine.. Anne & Sara treat you like family…not a “customer”. They somehow find the time to make you feel like you are their first sale…complete and total commitment to your project…something just so refreshing and personal! Thankfully, they have such a vast array of products that they offer (for straight purchase as well as customization that makes your item all yours…one of a kind…) that there is something absolutely perfect for yourself, your business and/or gift giving as well! I would not hesitate to reach out to them and in fact encourage it. They are masters at what they do!!! Beautiful quality products, superior service and fantastic packaging!!! It really is a pleasure to do business with them!

Kevin Croce

Great Body Care Products!

I use all the body care products and love them. I am sensitive to fragrance and synthetic ingredients so their line of products works perfectly for me and they last a long time.

Hazel byrd