Homemade Vanilla Extract

There’s nothing quite as good as the flavor a good vanilla extract, and we’ve never used one that compares to our homemade vanilla extract. And the recipe couldn’t be easier! Unfortunately, there are many imitations on the market, whether they’re labeled so or not, so you’ll notice the difference in quality and price if buying extracts.  You get the best quality for the cost making your own vanilla extract and, even better, homemade vanilla extract makes a fantastic gift.

We like to buy our vanilla beans in bulk. Our local Costco has wonderful – and fair trade – beans in the winter at great prices, so we stock up then and store them in the root cellar. If only our great-great grandmother could see us. 

Have you ever wondered where vanilla beans come from? Vanilla beans are the seed pod of an orchid, and the tiny specs inside are its delicious seeds. Never try to strain out the seeds. They are a mark of quality and a continual source of flavor in vanilla extract. 

When your homemade vanilla extract is ready to bottle and gift, check out some of our customizable vanilla extract labels – available for a variety of bottles.

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